“Life brings us many challenges.  It is up to us to capitalize on our experiences and use them resourcefully and productively.  Art is an expression, and it is a way for us to record, capture, and preserve our experiences.  There is no right or wrong way of conveying our messages through art.  The best way to learn about ourselves may be through the trials and errors of life.  Facing challenges should not be a daunting thing because this is when we learn about ourselves.”  – Nguyen-Espinoza


Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza (“Liz”) is an artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a retired federal law enforcement officer.  Liz has contributed considerably to many causes both professionally and personally.  During her career as a federal law enforcement officer working in many major metropolitan cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, she actively advocated for women in law enforcement and was recognized for her efforts.

In late 2016, she retired from the federal government.  Shortly thereafter her mother Rosa Thay Nguyen passed away unexpectedly.  To honor her mother, Liz founded the Rosa Thay Nguyen Children’s Foundation (RTNCF), ISEE Arte, and HISE Financial Corporation.  She did this to carry on her mother’s life work with sick children in need.  The mission of RTNCF is to provide medical care and intervention to underprivileged children.  There are several respected surgeons who are board members of RTNCF. These medical professionals will be able to both save lives and improve quality of life of disadvantaged children.

Liz uses the arts to promote humanitarianism.  In her view, the arts touch people in many different ways emotionally, compassionately, and intellectually.  She combined the mission of RTNCF and her passion in art to raise awareness of global social issues. Liz received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University.  She completed her art training at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, CA.


Sabrina R. Espinoza is a young artist in training.  She is interested in medicine and the arts.  She is currently in training with her mother.  She hopes to practice medicine and also be a well-trained artist in the near future.  She is proficient in music, painting, and drawing.  As a prolific reader and love literature, she volunteers and is currently a staff researcher and writer for RTNCF, a nonprofit  humanitarian organization, established to help underserved children in need of medical medical care and intervention.


Izabella K. Espinoza is a young artist in training.  She is currently taking art classes and training with her mother and twin sister.  She spent many hours working on art projects.  She hopes to become a professional artist one day.  She spends her free time drawing, designing, and digital painting.  Her interest is in game art, and is proactive in finding new ways to be a creative game art developer in the near future.


“Art is a poetic language, which we use to express our inner thoughts.  It has no fear of perfection and releases our inhibitions.  It is a way for us to record our experiences and truly be ourselves” -Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza