Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza creates different art series in similar style and composition to either tell a story  or record her experiences.  Some of the symbolism used in these paintings convey her thoughts and views on areas that are significant to her.  By dividing her artwork into different art series, it allows her to convey her messages in accordance to each area.  Her art series are based on ideas and observations emerged from her fascination with her surroundings and experiences with people, place, and thing.  Art is a great platform for expression, and it is a perfect way to remind us of our own mortality in an everyday mundane sense.


A Butterfly’s Dream Art Series is dedicated to all the people who have the courage to follow their dreams even though they are not quite sure where the real world will take them and what is the end results.  Their strength, courage, and endurance are precisely the characteristics that make them vulnerable, but they don’t give up.  The challenging journey is worthwhile and commendable.  For some it was just a beautiful dream and for others it may realize into a beautiful dream.


Remember Me Art Series is a recordation of humanitarian work organized by various charity organizations.  Through art, the artists hope to inspire others to join them to build communities globally.  Humanitarian work allows people to connect with each other.  Without human connection and compassion, our world and peace will eventually be annihilated. 


The art of living is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment, in regarding it as utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and wholly receptive.


The notion of love is complex.  Regardless of our gender, race, and religion, we all search for love.  There are many types of love, and the purest love is unconditional love.  The beauty of love is that it has a mystical force binding us together.  It is evolving. It heightens our emotions and makes us feel truly alive. People will never lose their fascination with it, because it is inside us all to feel it and let it fill our lives.