Motivational Art Collection

ISEE brings motivational art collection to a new dimension. Why give the gift of prints when you can work with our artists to create an original painting with an engraved message to personalize the gift in your own vision. The process is simple.

  • Choose an idea and work with an artist or choose from our collection of completed paintings
  • Select a size
  • Engrave a name and/or message
  • Give your friends, colleagues, or family a memorable gift


How It Works

Fine Art Commissioned Artwork

Fine art commissioned artwork range on a number of things to get the project done.  Whether it’s a portrait of your dog or children, an abstract to fill that empty space in your house or office, or an artwork as a gift to someone special, we can help you with this special project.  When working with an artist, be sure to give the artist a clear idea of your requirements.  This way, the artwork will be completed in accordance with your expectations.

Submit Your No-Obligation Commission Request

Email or come see us at our gallery.  Provide your contact information, the artist you are interested in commissioning (or if you would like help selecting one), and a few details about what type of commission you are looking for such as subject and/or medium you want the artist to work on.

We Review Your Request and Provide a Quote

We contact you within 2 to 3 days to review your request. Next, we help you and the artist define the project criteria with a detailed quote including cost and timeframe.  We can coordinate whereby you can have a face-to-face consultation with your artist of choice regarding your commissioned artwork.

Make a Deposit for the Commission

Once you agree with the artist to start the project, we take a non-refundable 50% deposit before the artist begins the work.  The remaining balance is due upon completion of the art piece.

The Artist Starts Your Commission

If you decide to move forward with the request, the artist begins your commission, and we help monitor the work as it is being completed. During the working process, the artist and our staff will be in touch with you regarding the progress of the artwork. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with the artist to meet at the gallery as many times as necessary to view the progress of the piece.

Time Frame and Completion of the Commissioned Artwork

The time varies, depending on the size, medium (oil takes longer to finish because of the drying time), the details of the piece, and the artist’s own schedule.

Return of a Commissioned Artwork

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of commissioned artworks.  However, we will make every attempt to work with you to complete the project.